The Finance Department can be classified as the "watch dog" of Lake City’s financial affairs in order to provide professional financial services as mandated by law, required by mayor and council, and those in other governmental units. This responsibility enables the city to estimate revenues, collect charges and fees, and aid in monitoring expenditures. 

Assisting Departments

Finance continuously assists all departments by providing quality and timely financial data. This allows better allocation of limited resources and helps departments maximize the services they can provide to taxpayers and the public at large and allows for prudent budget decisions that benefit future generations of Lake City through long-term fiscal health.

Ask Questions

We’ll be featuring full audits and documents related to Lake City’s financial department, but if you’d like to speak to someone at the City regarding the town’s finances, please call 843-374-5421. 

Benefiting Our Community

Under the guidance of Finance Director William A. Hall and the Assist. Finance Director of Lake City seeks to turn public funds into measurable benefits within our community.

Get Assistance With an Issue

Complete the assistance request form (PDF) and fax it to 843-374-1809.

Pay Vehicle Taxes or Property Taxes

Florence County collects taxes for the city of Lake City. Contact the county office at 800-523-3577.

What’s the Lastest!

Business License Renewal Extension  7.19.2020

The City of Lake is aware of the difficulty due to the health concerns as a result of COVID-19.

Are you thinking about starting a new business or need to renew your business then say no more! The City has a friendly and courteous Business License Renewal Clerk at (843)374-5421 ext 201. The City of Lake City will review the situation to see what options are available at this time.

The City of Lake City has a friendly and courteous Finance Department, please give us a call with any questions you may have at (843)374-5421 ext. 200 or asked to be directed to our Finance Department.

Thank you and stay safe.

FY2020 Budget March 2020

FY2020 Budget General Ledger for November 2019

October 2020 Consolidated Income Statement

October 2020 Check Registry