Bid Opportunities

Welcome to the City of Lake City Bid Opportunities webpage, currently there are no RFP, RFQ or bids open.

 If you would like to be added to our Vendor’s list, you contact our Procurement Manager, Glen Bodenheimer at (843)374-5421 ext 204 or Accounts Payable/Receivables Department at (843)374-5421 ext 202 or send an email to:     


Residential Development

Affordable Housing Project

Addendum: Affordable Housing Project Questions:

1. Can you provide a listing of the subject property locations? Also, would there potentially be more than 5 building sites for future development?

Two (2) homes at 420 James Street

One (1) home at 452 Cedar Street

Two (2) Homes at 588 Moore Street

2. There are three sets of addresses provided on the City site. One of which is 420 James Street. In looking at County GIS, there is 420 James Avenue but this parcel is not owned by the City according to GIS. Can you clarify? 

Documents are with lawyers waiting on closing.

3. Are there any existing third party reports (such as Environmental Phase one, Surveys, Geo-technical reports) available that will be provided to the successful respondent? 

No existing third party reports.

4. Will Tap Fees be waived or must they be included in development costs? 

Tap fees will be taken care of by the City.

5. For adjoining parcels or double parcels, can a Townhouse design be used for the parcels noted as having two homes? 

The City is looking to have to separate houses on the property. 

6. From GIS there appears to be structures on some of the parcels. Are we to assume demolition and new construction or are all parcels vacant? 

All parcels will be cleared and vacant.


This will is planned to be an ongoing venture for the City buying more properties to be developed, etc.