What does the program offer property owners?

Participation in the Lake City Brownfield Program by the private sector is voluntary. The program helps move properties towards redevelopment by conducting environmental site assessments and identifying/removing the environmental risk/uncertainty associated with the property. With the funds from the EPA, the City will now be able to pay for environmental site assessment activities on properties where the current owner or prospective purchaser is unwilling and/or unable. 

Program participation is particularly helpful where a property is perceived to have an environmental problem, although one may not actually exist. Participation in the program in not mandatory; that is, if the City identifies your property as a potential Brownfield site you do not have to participate. In addition, not all properties are eligible for participation under the program, and funding is limited for assessing these properties.

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1. What does the program offer property owners?
2. Why would property owners want to participate?
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5. If I am a property owner and I participate what happens if environmental contamination is found?
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