Lake City Esports LogoMore than simple gaming, Esports is growing across the nation with many colleges adding Esports programs to their academic and athletic offerings.

In the summer of 2021, the City of Lake City hosted their first Smackdown Esports Tournament and now hosts pop-up gaming sessions, mini tournaments, and camps for local students ages 12-18.

In 2023, the tournament will become part of the city's first anime, gaming, and entertainment convention, A.G.E. Con!

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A.G.E Con Coming in August 2023

A.G.E. Con, or Anime, Gaming, and Entertainment Convention, focuses on anime, Esports, and other forms of digital entertainment. It will be held at the R.O.B. in Lake City each summer and include:

  • Gaming free play
  • Esports tournaments
  • Anime cosplay
  • Vendors
  • And more!

As we prepare to launch this new event, we need your help! The city of Lake City has launched a logo design contest with a prize package that includes $2,000 cash, a night at The Inn at the Crossroads, and VIP access to A.G.E. Con.

Logo Design Contest with $2,000 top prizeLogo Contest Now Open!

With a top prize of $2,000 cash, now is the time to enter the A.G.E. Con Logo Competition! Open to residents of the 12 southeastern United States, the submission deadline is Jan. 30, 2023. 

A Kids Zone logo competition with $200 top prize is also open to Florence county students ages 12-14.

Download the rules and application for details today!